Keanu Estrada
1 min readOct 1, 2022

“cause no one pays on their birthday!”

More than 2 weeks into my new job.

I got to go out with the team for lunch, 4x in the first three weeks.

SRP Cafe (Business expense) 🎉

Coupa Cafe. (Pay your way) // $7.37 for two slices of avocado toast

Los Amigos. (Pay your way) $5.22 for one taco

Coupa Cafe. (Supervisor’s treat) // I spent the most, outta everyone, lol.

Dean said it’s the fun that keeps it together; the first three months will be hard, don’t try to prove you’re smart too fast, and they reaffirmed their belief in you.

I can’t believe I’m giving it back to alcohol.

Taking my direct deposit straight to drinks.

“Who gets drunk off a mimosa?” — Sophia (hahah)

Then, that turns into 2 cocktails, while out celebrating a friend’s birthday; bowling.

…Cause I got friends that want full-times.

…I got friends that feel isolated working remotely.

One thing you have to consider when getting married; money.

But I really love celebrating friends’ birthdays at dumpling time.

I learned how to order dumplings and siumai in a group outing.

Shared meals, shared conversations, about feeling behind in your friendgroups. //family style meals

The city life being so fast, feeling behind; FOMO.

Some friends are happy with what they do, but part-time hours are frustrating them.

What is a person on salary?

On jewelry, a way I show maturity.

Ordering drinks, ain’t ever bottle me.

but some things still bother me.