I realize I don’t have any professional goals yet other than the salary I reached when I’m talking to my friends.

It’s nice to hear from friends that they care about what’s happening in my life. — Words of Affirmation

I told my friends I’m usually at a 4, but when I’m with them I’m at a 5.

What would get me from a 4 (below content) to a 6–7 consistently, is dating more, and falling in love. ❤

My therapist Chelsea always recommended I take a look at scheduling things into my day that boost my mood. (Stay active/engaged)

They advise me to save and not rent a studio for 3k.

  • Make 3x my rent.
  • Milpitas?
  • Save.
  • Good rent price- $1,400 a month for two bedroom apartment.

And I’m out of melatonin gummies which I’ve been taking since da summer.

I’m on day 2, and it’s hard to sleep at night.

I’m regressing to old coping mechanisms.

I can’t get off technology, Sunday nights, 11 pm.

Amazon Music is still on. 11 pm.

Sometimes I want to get rid of my tech use all together, outside of work.



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