12 week mental wellness program

Keanu Estrada
1 min readMar 20, 2023

Tell me, I’m spiraling.

Tell me, I’m spiraling.

Chelsea calls these, thinking traps.

I do a lot of labeling.

Too much negative self talk to count.

Chelsea says I’m too critical of myself, she said don’t beat yourself up.

“Beatin’ yourself up. Beatin’ yourself up. Beatin’ yourself up.”

Chelsea would say, “Keanu, your thoughts are inaccurate and unhelpful.”

Either change your thinking or change your behavior.

You see the cognitive triangle, it’s a cycle, thinking to feelings to actions.

She says, I’m all or nothing (my therapist)

She says, I try to mind read (my therapist)

She says, I’m catastrophizin’ (my therapist)

Childish; made my own blueprint.

Put me back in a place where I’m still at Chase.

After working a playoff game, I just wanna go home.

Thinking I need a better job, then I start my car.

Like last March, I was in therapy. (2022) 6 weeks

This March, enrolled in a mental health program. (2023) 3 months

It’s very hard to use it when you make therapy through an app, on a screen.