Push through.

Know your value.

Invest in yourself.

I’m worth more.

Sitting down, directing fans to their seats is easier than canvassing for HipHopforChange, washing dishes for Whole Foods, working the 2020 Census, being an Amazon Prime shopper, and working in a Nordstrom warehouse.

This ain’t it tho.

I got…

(IT is so boring uhhh)

Counter: depression.

Before the second week started, I shared my weekend, going out with friends, drinking; I didn’t have to do that… ;)

Counter: private life.

I felt the class was eh.

I quit after I fail the first quiz, and realized I have no interest in IT.

Counter: Waste my time in boring IT class.

Look, I have no desire to build or fix your computer… fr

I just want to use it, that’s it. That works for me.

Counter: You need wifi as well.

My least favorite holiday is New Years. Who wants to stay up till 12am?

Just to say we flipping the calendar; new year, new me!

Counter: How else we gon celebrate?…

When I worked as a Prime Shopper or Guest Experience Representative.

Or as a Whole Food’s dishwasher.

I feel like my time is worth more than directing fans to the box office, helping fans connect to wifi, and watching the game on the screen.

Troubleshooting loading your tickets:

  1. Go to…

I could have parked and picked up my sister-in-law’s Xmas gift for my brother; quicker than parking, and waiting 20 minutes for curbside pickup. (BBY)

My diet has been wack.

I was on vacation this week. 0 hours of work. Free time!

This is Satire.

It could be dope to…

I know dishwashing gloves when I see them…

I’m brought back to days I worked at Whole Foods.

I just remembered we have dishwashers at Chase Center.

A few co-workers are buying jerseys for family friends, significant others.

My co-workers say I have a lot of people to shop for…

“Wealth to get power, power to protect money”

Rules: Where is your money going?

Code of conduct: family, respect, progress

Yo, in my eyes, my co-workers are superstars. They on tv, they famous.

Gloria, the usher on TV next to Steph shooting his pregame shot — I told her I…

$16,800,000,000 net worth

Sixteen billion eight hundred million

I don’t like talking about what I majored in, in college. It’s a depreciating conversation…

My degree didn’t help me get a salary nor a job after college.

After I retire, this is how I get down from Mount Everest.

75 years old. 2071.

$16,800,000, 000 net worth

Replace your active income, income from your full-time job, with passive income. Rizzed.

I shoot from the hip.

Enough money to survive 600 months; 50 years.

$16,800,000,000 net worth

2071- 75 years old

“The people with the money never tell you when something is a sure bet; ain’t nothing a sure bet but death.”

1:00 am

I love to stay in places I feel warmth, like my blanket, on a cold winter day, in December.

Today is Monday, 12.6.21

I’m currently listening to White Ferrari, it gives me a sense of peace.

Use the internet to listen to music.

Stay in bed so I can stay warm.

…and I could type this all out, on a screen, called a laptop.

On this laptop, there are things called applications, which I put data on.

This is important because the internet allows global communication, within seconds.

Context: In my momma’s Lexus, early to work, +40 minute commute, SF parking, more than an hour and a half to sit in the car.

You don’t have to say it, for it to exist.

Instead of investing thousands into school, I’ll invest thousands into stocks.

I love the Warriors…

Keanu Estrada

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