Being on dating apps is wack, the screen is a wall.

What can replace Google, actual human connection?

What can replace social media; rest!

My biggest fear at 26, is being alone, so I’m on these apps, paying money.

I’m scared you wouldn’t want to show up for me.

I’m scared I was dreamin’ and all I cared about was the money.

Still sleep, even if I a woke.

Today it was so hard to wake up, after a four day weekend.

So tired, I took an extra 15 minutes to get out of bed.

I got up and worked. A Monday in late November.

Although I felt tired.

Be in bed by 8pm; no distractions, try to turn off brain and rest.




Leaving is easier than actualizing.

I feel like giving up. I gave up on projects before. !!

I get burnt out. …even if it’s for our culture.

I’m still going thru things that had me stuck before.

even after therapy; u still need a good daily practice.

I need time offline.

I need time off the grid.

I need time away from my computer.

Cause whether you’re on the bus, or waiting for one…

I see a lot of people on screens.

they want it on you, like back pockets.

Now that I make a decent amount of money, I gotta watch out.

On what I eat.

Overspending on food.