“It’s all about position, not the amount of money you have” — Kanye (2022)

Beer taste like sh*t, forreal.

Wine taste like sh*t, forreal.

Doing 5 course meals with tiramisu.

Don’t matter, hr or project manager.

Rosé don’t discriminate!

Working at a University perks

A week ago, I was at another holiday party.

People drinking at 11:30 am.

December 2022



Being on dating apps is wack, the screen is a wall.

What can replace the web, actual human connection.

What can replace social media; rest.

My biggest fear at 26, is being alone, so I’m on these apps.

I’m scared you wouldn’t want to show up for me.

I’m scared I was dreamin’ and all I cared about was dough.

Stay woke, even if I awaken, my love.

Today it was so hard to wake up, after a four day weekend.

So tired, I took an extra 15 minutes to get out of bed.

I got up and worked. A Monday in late November.

Although I felt tired. 8pm bed-time.