Keanu Estrada



Is this gonna be cool/ok in the future?

“We live in a time where it’s not ok to say the truth, and learn you were wrong later.” — Childish Gambino (2013)

“My favorite thing on the internet is I gotta hear the other side cause that’s real life.” — Childish Gambino (2013) // exception: violence

  1. Take ownership of the culture/brand you build, and know your worth; there is money in your name.



(Crystal-clear vision)

Concrete markers- what it would mean to be successful with that vision?

This would be an example// I’m living out that vision.

-craft, work, community, ppl you care about

-mental, physical, and emotional well-being

-theology, ethics, philosophy

  1. Track it- keystone habit for each bucket (GRATITUDE) 4–8 weeks

2 months per bucket

As you get better, 3–4 weeks; what’s working/ not working?

-craft: making content daily //gratitude (one habit going for each of the buckets)

-physical: been on a good streak of walking for 30 mins daily // Aug 2022

-Ethics: sharing is caring — Ali



+ (positive), — (negative), = (neutral)

Look for the good: family, home, able body, bed, friends, WiFi, running water, clothes

3 good things I brought about- helped ma, spent time w niece, exercise.

What are you grateful for- family, friends, job opportunity

Social connection- helps regulate your nervous system

Sense of belonging- increases joy

Savor the moments- slow down, be present, let the joy sink in.


+wifi, music, hearing, vision, hands, typing, consciousness, medium platform to share content, breathing, able bodied, mind thinking, heart beating

-negative self talk (you won’t get the job thoughts, not helpful or productive)

= day sky (sunshine)



Taking accountability is responsible.

It is adulting.

It is emotional intelligence.

It is empathy.

It means being emotionally available, being present, and showing up.

It means sharing, communicating, and expressing yourself in a healthy way.

Don’t lose your joy for the world, younger self.

Stack em. Stack consistently good days together.

What you produce is what matters. The best way to produce is one thing at a time, given it your full concentration. Start with the funnels, selection organization, execution; start simple.

People of color influence white people who usually take ownership of the culture poc make.

I desire to be better.

at 26

  1. Feeling happy.
  2. Things I commit to give me life.
  3. Family, friends, helping others.