Friends are as important as working for the Golden State Warriors

Keanu Estrada
1 min readJan 30, 2022

People who work entry-level positions (me) are looked at as disposable despite being told their work is valuable to their organization.

My heart’s desires are in getting better.

Since the summer of ’21, I have been dependent on melatonin tablets to sleep.

In my room, paralyzed by thoughts, of being a failure in my life. (25)

It’s either get paid or not.

It’s either have sore legs or be unemployed.

I got a radio, and never followed up after one request for an earpiece.

(That’s on me, close mouths don’t get fed)

Supervisors didn’t come, so I came to them, and was able to clock out, with the encouragement of my co-worker.

450 NBA rosters spots.

30 new slots/year.

Is it better to be unemployed than employed?

Work compounds my desire to work for myself.

The harsh truth is I don’t feel any happier working another entry-level job, even at a place I always dreamed to be as a teenager; working for the Golden State Warriors.

A dope thing I did was a fan came up to me during a home game.

They inquired about how to work for the Warriors.

I told them what to look up.

A few months later, they come up to me and say, “You might not remember me, but you helped me get a job.”

That’s dope, getting people paid. :’)