Futura Free

Keanu Estrada
3 min readFeb 1, 2023


In December 2018, no one was hiring me, when I graduated college, with a BA in Communication, option in Media Production from California State University, East Bay. And remember, you got to take care of yourself, your family, and get paid. Fast food places and restaurants weren’t even giving me a chance. You know who took a chance on me, HipHopforChange, and I quit after my first day, canvassing. I took 9 months off, which I encourage any college graduate to explore, if possible.

What got me ready for my Whole Foods interview, is dying my hair blonde, putting myself in a mindset of gratitude, and knowing I didn’t want to go around asking people for their money- to help us brown/black communities. At the time, getting a job at Whole Foods was my last resort at getting a job, or else thoughts about me not even being good enough to work would bombard my mind. I didn’t know what was next if I didn’t get it, maybe continue being depressed and unemployed.

What got me ready for my University interview, is staying true to myself, UCSF HeatBedStudy w/ CBT sessions, believing in myself, thinking about friends hyping me up, and thinking back to The Worst Interviews I ever did, which was with the Warriors. I was interviewing to become a GSW receptionist; in their office, which I wanted so bad — I was reading off computer screens, not even in the natural flow of conversation, and reciting pre-written answers.

When I entered the workforce, in November 2019 (23), I made $1600 monthly as a dishwasher, working 32 hours a week; on my feet, on work accommodations. I washed the skewers — I would place multiple whole chickens in, from the packaged boxes, which, I had to get from a cold area. In between my minimum wage job and my full time salary job were short stints with the 2020 Census and Nordstrom warehouse. After that, I worked at both Amazon and the Golden State Warriors, individually, for over a year. I was able to stay with these two companies for a year because they allowed me to schedule my availability. I used my work experience with the Warriors, who I completely loved growing up, to get my first salary.

I got a few people to show love to.

The reason I applied to the Warriors is that my friend Melody reminded me to stick with my passions. Warriors were my passion. And working for them has always been a dream of mine.

My friends. Michelle, Daisy, and Janely, for hyping me up. Encouraging me.

My family. My parents. Love ya Mom. Love ya Pa.

My brother Ronnel and his wife, Christina, for helping with my resume.

My people at the Warriors organization, specifically, the guest experience team, for supporting me as I move on to a full-time, university role ❤

OFPM, thanks for believing in me too.