“I don’t have to second-guess nothing with no one I love” -Drake

Keanu Estrada
1 min readJul 27, 2022


“I’m tryna just relay what I can see through my own eyes

And nothin’ tell the truth like the eyes will” — Drake, Champagne Poetry

My laptop and AirPods w me at night in bed

Could be getting a good nights sleep but I’m typing this out 10PM

I think there’s something better than working. // any labor regardless

These AirPods are immersive and the wifi connects me to da songs

A healthy coping mechanism, but is it really when you should be focused on sleep in bed, but you out here typing on notes.??

7h of screen time- D.M.B., the computer typed back 2me.

“Change your thinking or change your behavior,” my therapist words linger in my head.

“You see this, it’s a cycle; thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, they all reinforce each other.”

“Be kind to yourself.”

“Rate how you feel before and after an activity.”

“Do another thought journal.”

((balanced, perspective; thoughts, feelings, evidence, more balanced perspective))

“I’m really proud of the work you did in these 8 weeks.”

“You know it’s hard to do thought journals, and in my 13 years of experience, you’re one of the best at filling them out.”// I can be thoughtful filling sheets out, and thoughtful with my words, what do my actions say? // behavior