When I have gambled on investments, I have lost more than I put in so far.

I create content to survive.

I spent a lot of money to start out 2022.

Eating out, gas, birthday gifts, Roombas, alcohol, etc.

January-February 2022 expenses > my net income

Peers a grade above me in high school recognize me before I recognize them.

I don’t like the feeling of saying I’m working at Chase when they ask, how are you?…

I feel like a failure, even after meeting the goal of working for the Warriors.

My peers are enjoying the game, while I work the game, for minimum wage.

Usually, my skin is horrible when my diet is horrible.

Some people think I work 20 hours a week.

I feel 20 hours a month is a good minimum for me, at the moment.

Getting to celebrate a friend’s birthday is special. (24)

I still live with my parents, more and more of my peers got their own place.

The night consists of talking about Coachella, EDM, raves, working 30–50 hrs a week, talking about buying another property in 2023, HOA insurance, buying a house and being broke, moving to America, Chicago, Idaho, digital marketing, meeting celebrities, working with kids with autism, being a receptionist, chiropractic school, tiktok moderators, design, not knowing where you gon live, emotional attachments to patients (apart of the job)

Feeling paralyzed by thoughts, you don’t do nothing = L

Constantly thinking about my worth/weighing my life amongst peers while at my friend’s birthday party takes away my presence from celebrating these moment with my friends, be present!

Why am I gauging my worth/ what I bring to the table at a friend’s birthday party?

“You work minimum wage to get to the next level” — Tay Sweat

Sometimes my mom echoes her doubts when I want support, encouragement, but she also tells me sternly, to “Trust your instincts.”

I need to learn how to iron.

It doesn’t matter what context I’m in, at a party or on a date, I loathe talking about my entry-level job at the Warriors.

My bro told me, you can still date without having your career figured out.

I think the smart thing to do is figure out my career.

My current job matches my interest in terms of I love the Warriors and basketball.

I don’t inform friends that I have dates, but I do tell my parents.

“I need to do something that inspires me.” — Kendrick Lamar

“You can wait around for motivation all day, it might never come, practice behavior,” Chelsea suggests, a clinical therapist.

Organizations have corporate partnerships- branded community events

Photo ops are important for PR, getting the shots.

I see how things are set up.

Personal/relationship audit- Who has access to me? Who knows and can say happy birthday to me? Who can check on me?

Same city, same schedule, allows you to still be enjoyed as a loved one.

I don’t like working consecutive days.

Reps, you have to love it. Put the work in.

Start there-work your way up to where you’re ranked

Be open to being coached- it’s the only way you can get to your full potential.

Here I am trying to find love on Bumble, while there’s an impending war, and being tired from therapy.




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Keanu Estrada

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