I voted; feeling all blue.

Now that I got a salary I spend my money on lunch, dinners, and on boba.

I need to limit going out to eat and buying drinks. (11.05.22)

I tend to reinstall dating apps and delete ‘em, that’s my pattern.

I feel I need to date more, now that I got the career thing sorta figured out.

“You’re not as young as you used to be.” — Shawn Cee on Drake

I’m rooting for Drake to grow up, and be a responsible father. He’s 36.

The most filipino movie

Is being a receptionist filipino enough?

Maintaining filipinoness in the eyes of whiteness and filipinos.

Imagine having the whole community on your back/shoulders- pressure

how can u take L’s when you can’t even take being hung up during phonebanking?…

culture classes as part of the curriculum- different layers to all of our cultures

I can’t do politicks no more, because I can’t sell anymore!!

I never could really. Who’s cutting the check tho?

I’ve been working so much (ex: full time) for a month and a half.

That I need better boundaries. Need to love more. Need to date more.

Need to take a break on weekends for self-care, family, friends, and myself.

I get a salary for being da front desk, dawg.

keep it a buck. keep it a buck.


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