If that’s how it’s gonna be, that’s how it gonna be.

Take the bus. It can change.

Sometimes, I had faith.

When I got into the game, and I put points on the board. CVHS.

Before my interview at Whole Foods; Blond, after going thru non-profits.

Reminding myself of things I’m grateful for to get ready for the interview.

This is after graduating college, and getting my bachelors in Communication.

After my first day canvassing, I decided to quit my first job opportunity, citing mental health reasons. I didn’t want to talk about how racism affected our brown and black communities; and ask people to donate money, so we can express ourselves through art. So to protect myself, I left.

Before this, I applied everywhere in Union Landing, most restaurants, and even Jolibee (a filipino fast food place) never got back to me.

My mom told me, she’s been praying for me, and that’s why I got the job at Whole Foods.

After that, I worked a week for the 2020 Census, a few months in the warehouse at Nordstrom, 1 year at Amazon as a shopper, 1 year at the Warriors, working as a Guest Experience Representative.

At that time, it was either I work as a Whole Foods dishwasher or I’ll be 23, fresh out of college, and no job.

That Whole Foods job netted me thousands in unemployment, thanks to the pandemic.

I haven’t gotten a return in the market yet.

If I didn’t go to therapy, I wouldn’t have a full-time job.

Going to therapy help me process thoughts, feelings, evidence, and having a more balanced perspective.

It gave me a person to talk to about my problems.

It helped give me clarity.

That wouldn’t have happened without friendship.

Now, I’m 26, starting at a university.


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