I’m working later…

Keanu Estrada
2 min readFeb 1, 2022

What do I offer to the world?

I got the chance to work in Oracle suites (premium space), where I got to sit down in a chair outside the elevator; check tickets, and direct fans to their suites.

It’s one of those weekends when I want to stay in bed and put on Spotify.

One of my non-negotiables is not working on weekends.

If I take a day off, a perception of me could be that I’m slacking.

Supervisors and SVPs recognize my work and positive energy.

If athletes who are the best at their sport need coaching, don’t we need it too?

Regarding education, I just do what it takes.

I like finishing projects before deadlines, also college, and online programs.

A normal weekend for me is not wanting to do anything productive for my career, like finishing the digital marketing program.

I plan to finish it during the week.

I got work today. (Sunday, 1.30.22)

I finished the course on Monday (1.31.22)

When problems start to become your own doing.

You went there… You didn’t have to…

I also busted my ass off for a month, doing 8 projects, finishing Udacity’s Digital Marketing program, and deserve to celebrate.

To finish this program, I had to sacrifice my long-term commitment to walk 30 minutes every day, because it was taking up too much of my bandwidth.

Some days it was EITHER exercise or work on finishing the program.