No one knows where the stock market is gonna go but the stock market. FACTS.

Could have broken even in September 2021 on a call, didn’t take it, now it’s down.

Fundamentals of buying, selling stock

Buy at correction (stock down 10%-15%),100–200 day moving average.

Fundamentals: debt to equity ratio, return on equity, financial strength, institutional investors, beta.

Indicators to potentially buy stock: If you have done your research on the company, and they have good fundamentals, check on a chart(technical analysis,; if they are at the bottom of bollinger bands, oversold, beta (1 or higher), [Ideally, you want two or more signals to buy into a stock]

Visuals: Analyst ratings


100/200 MDA


Traders cheat sheet


Back up plan: buy support, sell resistance

Earnings estimates for the quarter:


Institutional hedge funds:


2 year call option- year and a half

+10% return, sell to close.

Trade etf call options. (Less risky than trading singular stock call options)

Play 2 years, out of the money.

Fundamentals bring companies to the stage.

Technicals tell when to trade.

SELL: EXIT PLAN (Worst case scenario- Sell at a loss)

Patience with stocks.

ROI- Return of Investment

Best time to buy stocks: September

Risk to reward, defense, the direction of the asset

Business advantage.

Who has a monopoly in their sector?

Historical data- market

Investors move on a stock if they see other investors move on it.

Past performance is not an indicator of future success.

Less volatile, less risky.

(Price targets of a stock,

(Seasonality of a stock,

This is for informational purposes only.

Never cheat/ treat yourself that might be God testing you.

My plan going into the stock market in 2020 was buy 30 shares of Tesla

I actually had enough money to buy 36 shares of Tesla in 2020. Cost — 14k

If I waited for a year, I would have 36k, a 24k gain in one year!

Kicking myself and mad at myself for not sticking with my original plan.

Also, If I literally didn’t put a limit order on my call option the other night, I could have exited trade with a 10% profit. I’m sick 🤮

Self inflicted wounds

No wonder I fell asleep and woke up with a headache today.

Don’t hit yourself like a baby, u wouldn’t want to punch yourself in a fight.

Don’t leave your job, this is how you can make money. I proceed to leave 5 jobs, in a pandemic, due to unhappiness.

Selling at a loss when I could of sold at +10% profit.

Thinking tomorrow the price of the contract would go down but it continued to go up.

At least I didn’t lose everything tho.

I didn’t have to lose tho…

Didn’t believe in it after a year of holding.


All the signs point toward me being a bad trader.

Congrats Keanu, you made it!

You went to a catholic private school through high school and got your college degree.

Here are minimum wage jobs, you won’t like, and will quit because you feel you’re better than that.

Even the part-time I’m at right now, at the Warriors organization I dreamed of as a kid, I feel I still can do much better than an arena worker.

Don’t leave this one. You always dreamed of working for the Warriors. What’s after basketball?

I’m trying to be the biggest in the game.

The best to do it before it all end.

a lot.

If I hold on, I might make more money. Didn’t listen.

If I hold on, I risk losing more money. I lost more money by selling at a loss.

at least I could say I lost thousands in a pandemic…

Let it play out. Let it play out. Let it play out.

Long-term investing. A year out.

Ups and downs.

Audacious self-doubt.

Audacious impatience.

Thinking’ it’s going down.

It’s back up again.

But I’m already out.


I feel people won’t respect me like that if I’m just an arena worker.


I could have made 10% profit if I waited.

Instead, I set out a limit price for the high of the previous day.

Because I didn’t believe in it.

Sold at a loss

Let it play out. Let it play out. Let it play out.

Long-term investing. A year out.

Ups and downs.

Audacious self-doubt.

Audacious impatience.

Thinking’ it’s going down.

It’s back up again. I could have profited.

But I’m already out.

Loss. (I lost money selling 10 XLY call options at a loss, and selling 32 shares of Tesla before it hit 1k, a year after I bought them)

An even bigger gain, if I would have held my 36 shares of Tesla for a year.

$9,842.62 +$2,854.46 + $1,775 + $337 =

$14,809.08 (Cost of 36 shares of Tesla)


12:36 PM

(Potential gain if held until today, 10/26/2021)

$1024.71 x 36 = $36,889.56 — $14,809.08 = $22,080.48 profit

Please assume that all information provided is not trustworthy unless verified by your own research. Thanks!

Investing 3k, and losing 90% of it isn’t funny. That’s like 2k.