Letter to My Younger Self

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (May 2019), Americans aged 25–54 worked an average of 40.5 hours a week.

“You better have a strategy or you could be a statistic.” -Kanye

Times my big brother and his wife got onto me, they were just trying to help me be an adult.


Work when you turn 15.

Get your license!

Get a job. Save. Move out. Be independent.

Apply to internships, proofread your writing.

I’m an idealist, I believed there would be a universal basic income.

Is 40k enough to live on for a year?

I make less than that, and I’m ok, for now.

What’s the real world? Work. Bills.

I need to take responsibility for my life; my growth and my independence.

Asking Google, how do I become responsible for my own life?

On my report cards in elementary, some teachers would say I need to work on consistency and organization.

In high school, I remember Mr. Hannon coming up to me and saying, Ms.Wainwright was talking about you and said he really gets it.

In high school, we had collabs, where you can work on homework. I remember Mr. Cornell complimenting me, “You’re really using this time productively.”