It’s important to be a vessel for future generations.

Working in an office was never in my plans, working for the Warriors was.

“Three things to do a day,” Dr. Slaughter, a psychologist, recommends.

I’m someone who everyone can look at, and be like this person is an inspiration and makes me feel safe in believing in my own dreams.

Basketball IQ, playoff basketball ready. Kobe!

Understands the game, team concepts, plays, individual talent, transferable NBA skills, communication, execution, spontaneity.

Handles, assists, scores, rebounds, blocks, defends. Complete player.

Nothing gets MJ ready more than slights.

Know your role, execute. Team.

“Sometimes you gotta play a role, for people to understand you.”

Know what you want to do. Be happy.

Is it really about saving money? Or getting paid more? Getting paid.

Is it really about getting a college degree, and getting a job? Getting paid.

Or being socially acceptable? Getting paid.

What’s the incentive to having a life? I get the opportunity to experience life.

Why not me? Ain’t I good enough? Ain’t I ready??? I am.

What do I want out of life? What do I want to create in the world? Happiness

What’s life to you? Family. What do you have to bring into this world? Hope.

If I wasn’t born rich, I’ll have to work even smarter.

Do I work to have more options? Yes.

Are our time and our people the most important things in life? Yes.

What is the skill you bring? I got more heart.

How’d I get good at jump-shooting? Practice.

Why did scoring come easy in practices and warm-ups?

No defense, and the amount of reps I put into my shot.

Why wasn’t I successful scoring in games? No FGAs. Passive…

Can I see plays before they happen? Yes

Can I see plays materialize? Yes

Can I create for others? Yes

Am I a playmaker? Yes

NBA-fast pace, up and down. Guard skills.

Play up. Practice everything at game speed.

Locking in, completing the task, staying in the moment.

Come to work, handle your business, be who you are.

Work on things on the back end, so you have options.

My goal has always been to get in the NBA, not Apple or corporate.

I went 3 years being vegan, I can do it again.

Are you even listening? Listen

Be happy. Stay present!

I want to see if I can land a job in Apple retail.

Running is a different process than walking.

Counting is a different process than experiencing.

6 laps walking. 2 laps jogging.

Total: 8 laps around the block, 30 minutes

Work or stay home?

The second act.

NBA player wins an Oscar. Kobe! Kobe! Kobe!

Mental approach- a play ahead, skill level ridiculous.

Complementary players who can think the game

  1. Draw people to the game.
  2. Skill-Make everyone better.
  3. Make you win.

Leverage what you have.

“Having peace, simply enjoying being alive every day is the best place for me to be… I just wanna kinda flow through life. I want to take on every experience for what it is and enjoy it in the moment… try to stay even.” -Kevin Durant




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