Remember ’em L’s, part-timin’.

Keanu Estrada
1 min readMar 11, 2023

Remember ’em L’s, when I was part-timin’.

Like, Citi Bank and Amazon rejecting me, straight up…

When they get their bread up, they accept you more, huh?

I want to invest in our future; not these retirement plans, b.

Unemployed and sh*t (got me depressed, and stressed out, dawg)

I’m built different — in a capitalistic society that likes to exploit us, huh?

First gen immigrant parents; livin’ on retired funds, work 20+ years.

And the fidelity reps; both white guys, have to work till 70, dawg.

Millennials, including myself, desire to work from home.

(ala save time commuting to work; and have more family time/flexibility in life.)

And both parents want to be stay at home parents, and raise a family.

I think, we’ll be working forever or at least, the rest of our lives…

We just want nice things too, and to enjoy them too; don’t judge me.

uhhh, I can keep working ?.. (although, retirement benefits > paycheck)

//(63 years old, still willing to work, after 30 years in America’s workforce)//

“You wanna work till you’re 70, go ahead!!!!.” (His spouse)

“I wanna be a teacher!” (my 7 year old niece)

“Ateh, play with me!” (my 3 year old niece)