“Remove any app that makes money from your attention.” — Cal Newport

Keanu Estrada
2 min readJan 28, 2023

Full 30 days to step away from the technologies of your personal life that are optional; things you don’t have to have to keep the lights on or run your business.

What do I desire to do instead of being online?

Men’s health and happiness are strongly shaped by employment, while women’s are more significantly shaped by educational and marital status.

Personal life affects the professional life.

Professional life affects the personal life.

Physical health and mental health connected.

Work is always available to us.

Work intentionally, then cool down.

On Sundays, in the morning, I buy groceries, meal prep, and cook.

Write a list of everything in your life that is expensive, bad for your physical or mental health, or both.

  • Eating out, 3x entrees
  • Pasta, fried chicken, fast food (physical health)
  • Full NBA game (physical health; on the couch, could be taking a shower)

Consider how normal these things feel to you, but then imagine a totally different person, who is happy and successful self-actualized, who does not have or need these things in their life. Interesting. How do they do it?

  • Making time for people is spending time with them.
  • I can do price checks on what I buy.
  • I can buy affordable groceries and cook instead of going out.

Voluntary hardship (challenging) — feel great, feel happy, life-long satisfaction