Take care of your people

Especially if they helped you win multiple championships.

Especially if they made me a better person.

And they are the heart and soul of the team.

Like you’re the heart and soul of the group.

Warriors chose to prioritize paying players who are young over the experienced veteran who helped them win 4x championships.

I chose to prioritize things (work) over other things (culture).

Like writing this over editing videos that passes on our filipino history on.

If one person receives a ring in the organization for contributing to the championship, how will others feel for contributing to a championship, and not receiving one? Not apart of the team.

I will receive a ring for contributing to the 2022 Warriors championship by 2023.

It’s more than a physical representation of achievement for me, it reminds me of my bond made with the Warriors organization; and the connections I made, my one season there; culminating in a championship.

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