Taking a childhood passion and destroying it.


I never been hungrier.

Losses fuel me.

I want to be the best to ever do it before it all end.

Create our own life’s meaning.

While protecting the freedom of others to do the same.

With any job I have comes a feeling of unhappiness, depression, and feeling dissatisfied.

I remember when I couldn’t land a job…

I remember applying to many spots in Union Landing.

They never got back to me.

I’m trying to be the greatest to ever do it, like Cole.

Sometimes the game feels like it’s happening somewhere else.

Hey parents. Thanks for immigrating from the Philippines to America, and putting me thru college. Here’s my gift to you, a minimum wage job after college, 3 years after college. :’(

I have been missing my 5:45 am walks. It’s October 16, 2021.

It’s been getting colder. It’s the day after work, and my legs feel sore.

I canceled volunteering (Undiscovered SF) because I need rest.


I’m walking out of Chase, and I see Jordan Bell autographing a basketball on the sidewalk. He finishes signing the ball for a kid and continues walking. I’m walking behind him. He gets stopped by a lady asking for a photo. He’s nice enough to take it.

“Some can, some can’t” -MJ

I left one part-time job for another.

The Warriors are my ticket out of the Stack.

My personality wants to be on the floor, with the team.

Creating dope content for the team and players. (Content-creation or coach)

I’m the person who drafts four fantasy teams but doesn’t want to maintain them every game night.

I always believed I’ll work for the Warriors, just not at the bottom of the totem pole.

Gratitude is not the one fits all solution.

Are you not entertained?! This is sports. It’s supposed to be fun.

Seeing E-40 at VIP entrance, in the flesh, asking me, what you need?

I knew it was Earl Stevens but I didn’t wanna make a scene. 40 water!

JTA’s mom wears her son’s jersey which is so cute. Love supporting the fam.

Hall of Famer, Chris Mullin, coming down the escalator.

Total $35,094,600 ($59,356,782*) / 12 seasons

Dorell Wright, former Warrior coming down the escalator.

Total: $28,711,258 ($33,632,880*) / 12 seasons

A Hall of Fame player earnings in the 90s, and a 2010s NBA veteran’s earnings.

It’s closer than it seems.

Partly due to back in the day, the NBA cap was lesser than it is now. Because of past players, the NBA salary cap is larger for current players. Also, because tv deals.


12:45- 4:00 pm shift (Setting up shirts)

This ain’t it. I’m building up tho.

5:00 pm to 10:00 pm (Checking vaccines, assisting fans)

This ain’t it. I’m building up tho.

I can feel the soreness in my legs as I drive home.

This ain’t it. I’m building up tho.



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