Rich and worked minimum wage.

Keanu Estrada
3 min readNov 2, 2021


Stay present.

The price of purpose

Outside a quarter, 1 in 3 millennials have anxiety

Chloe describes an existential crisis at 8.

That’s a lot of the world to try to figure out.

Self-care practice

Purpose- Set a goal- meet a goal- new goal

How do I make this better?

Looking for fulfillment, peace, actualization, and going for better.

When your mind believes something, your body will follow.

Step back and look objectively at the bigger picture.

Genuinely having compassion for other people.

Meditation. You are allowed to have thoughts pop up- it’s normal!

Practicing a mindset of abundance vs. scarcity.

Putting positive energy into the universe brings positivity back into your life.

Do your own thing, making yourself happier.

Mentally picture it- better results

  • My goal is to be happy every day, for the rest of my life.
  • Take small steps daily to be happy.
  • As I work towards happiness, I appreciate the process and look to get a little better day-to-day.
  • Focus on creating opportunities for myself and others.
  • Embrace my journey.
  • Practice hard work and discipline in everything I do.
  • Do your best and show heart.
  • Support others

Make sure your income > expenses

What makes me similar is that I care a lot.

What differentiates me from others is my work ethic.

I show up early and lock in on my role.

During the start of the pandemic, I told my previous supervisor, I wanted to leave my dishwashing job, and come back in August.

She said send me your resignation later, and I’ll rehire you after you re-apply.

Months passed. I came back to work as a prime shopper…

I could have talked to her about getting my job back, but I was scared she didn’t want me anymore.

I’m thinking of this because I got the most hours at this job, 30 hours a week for four months with accommodations.

I’m at my dream job, working for the Warriors organization.

The hours aren’t enough to pay the bills if I had to, for housing, electricity, phone, and internet. I need to create a high-paying remote position, that pays me $30 an hour, 30 hours a week.

I want to create a profitable business and generate stable income for myself remotely.

Kerr visited us (arena workers) after a work presentation.

He told us our job was important because we are the first people who interact with the fans, and probably more than the players too.

Everything I have gone through has made me the person I am today.

Are you proud of yourself? A lot left to accomplish.

Are other people proud of you? I don’t know.

I care a lot about how people perceive me and my public perception.

Did you know Michael Jordan eats cereal for a nutritious breakfast?

I’ll walk away from a job when I’m ready.

Purpose- innate

Time- I’ll never get it back

Health- Without it, I’m sick

Relationships- I’ll never see this person again

Memories- I’ll never have this moment again

Life satisfaction- I’ll never feel more happier again

Relationships- Mutually beneficial

Life satisfaction- Everyone’s life satisfaction is different.

I think a lot can be replaced.

On October 27, 2021, there was a rally.

The teacher said they don’t know how it is.

They work in an office.

Save our schools! I’m walking away today. 10/26/2021

Family time.

Always Do My Best.

Meaningful friendships and relationships.

After a shift, my arms and legs are sore the next day. After work.

Mully gave me a fist bump, Dorell called me a boss.

I can tell you what it is and it isn’t.