If things line up I can take home 44k in one year.
Higher range of annual median earnings for people with disabilities.

Majority of income- buy top 2 stocks and index funds monthly at price targets and hold for 20 years. // long term positions

Anytime you get into the business side of things, there has to be some degree of commodification that you’re comfortable with, of yourself and of your work.

Identity reflection- belief in self, doubt in self, insecure, self-conscious, conditional w business, too absorbed in creating

slow money wins the race — k.lamar

I go on dates where people feel lonely because they work M-F, the pay and perks are good, but their friends think they have a boring life as opposed to their college life, but they have interesting stories when you get to hang out w them. They talk about being an adult and having more responsibilities, and not turning up like they're 21 anymore. Helps parents pay half of the rent.



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